EagleEYE Inspection System

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EagleEYE is ...

… a container glass inspection system using modern technologies.

… a replacement for the obsolete QualiTrac System.
… a flexible and configurable system, which can be easily integrated into existing machines.
… based on a modular design, which makes configuration changes easy.

The EagleEYE system consists of management module and various inspection modules.

Inspection modules are machine independent.

Available Management Modules:

  • CD - Check Detector
  • CIM - Check Inspection Machine
  • DHG - Dual Head Gager
  • TIM - Total Inspection Machine

The focus of the EagleEYE system is on the quality inspection of glass, which is why it is equipped with variety of different inspection modules:

Available Inspection Modules:

  • Check Detection System (CD) Sensor based
  • Vision Check (VC) Camera based
  • Mold Number Reader (MNR)
  • Dual Head Gager (DHG)
  • Out of Round (OOR)
  • Non-Round (NR)
  • Wall Thickness (WT)
  • Visual Reject (VR)
  • more coming ...

Main features:

  • Standard 16 Light and Sensor channels.
  • 6 different modulation frequencies for avoiding cross talking.
  • 5 different light intensities.
  • Already focused on 2.36in / 60mm.
  • Each light can be individual configured: modulation frequency and intensity.
  • Each Sensor can be individually configured: modulation and gain.
  • Easily expandable to 32 channels by adding a second unit.
  • Live Data via Ethernet for graphical display and further processing.